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Migrating from WordPress.com can be made easier with Site Redirect.

For 5 weeks, I have been freaking out because my old blog got 992 hits while the new site got 639 hits. Added together, that would have been a sizeable month for me… but, NOOooo… I could not figure out how to get my traffic to move to the new WordPress.org site I chatted with Read More

WP-Naperville Meetup: Marketing Planning 101: Differentiation.

For me, this meetup focused on making a brand: who is Rivka, what do I do, and why I do it better. Those are the words of the presenter, Ms. Julie Poulos, Vice-President of redcaffeine.com Step one: Set Goals. As bloggers, our goals are typically two-fold. Increase Followers. Make money. Step two: Once you have Read More

WordPress-Naperville Meetup from 19 May 2015. (written 04 June 2015)

37 WordPress users met to discuss ways to make $$$$$ on WordPress. The presenter was Mr. Andrew Wikel, who actually works for Automattic (i.e. WordPress)! How exciting is that?! He showed us WooCommerce’s new Store theme – which is completely FREE to use. Let me just say, it was fucking amazing! I started migrating (moving) Read More

Migration is Frustrating.

It has been seriously difficult to move this blog from the free WordPress.com site to its new home at poorkitteh.com (running on WordPress.org) WordPress copied all 435 posts without a hitch. I didn’t lose any posts. Baruch Hashem. Thank God.  Jetpack changed the author on every post to Rivka. Those are the good things. Not Read More

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