There is No Hypocrisy in Recovery.

rimon A friend from work came to my home for dinner Friday night (Shabbat). She gave me twenty minutes notice but I was so happy to have a guest. I made a beautiful party table for the two of us, lit my two Shabbat candles, and started gathering salads. I opened a can of black olives and put them in a party dish. That was one salad. I opened a can of sliced beets and put them in a party dish. Two salads. I peeled a rimon (Indian Apple) and put the translucent red seeds in a party dish. Three salads. (more…)

Hate Crime at Jerusalem’s Gay Pride Parade. 30 July 2015.

Yesterday, the city of Jerusalem (the Jewish side, of course) hosted their 12th Annual Gay Pride Parade and a horrific hate crime was committed. Haaretz news reported it this way: In the midst of Jerusalem’s Gay Pride Parade on Thursday, a “religious” Jew stabbed six people. The assailant was apprehended and it quickly became clear that he had committed an almost identical crime before going to prison for ten years, only to be released last month; free to vent his blood thirsty hatred again. A Haredi Jew (ultra-Orthodox) ran blindly into the crowd of about 3,000 people and started randomly stabbing anyone (more…)


We had a customer service fiasco at the clothing store yesterday, and I realized that my job is tenuous: one severe customer complaint and I could be unemployed. The incident put Yirat Shemayim in my face. I admitted that I hate being poor. I am poor because I’m not working a full-time job anymore, nor am I working in my high-paying career field. I am not working full-time because I had a nervous breakdown recently (17 months ago). I had a nervous breakdown because of the narcissist and the yerida (leaving Israel). Therefore, I could say that I’m poor today because (more…)

Memories of Israel: Ascent. 10 June 2012.

Tzfat, 10 June 2012. Tonite Sara walked me to a Torah class at Ascent, a Chabad youth hostel. The class was very basic and the teacher was very young; but he made some good points that I personally needed to hear. For example, he said that if you have the goal that you want to write a book and you spend fifteen minutes every night writing instead of fifteen minutes on Facebook, in six months you will have finished your book. The first exercise we did was to write down “What do I want to bring into my life?” I only wrote two things: 1. (more…)

A Jewish Lesson About Prayer.

Today’s post is about something that I had to unlearn because I was not raised in an observant Jewish home, with Torah values. This is just my personal experience; I am not making any kind of blanket statement for anybody else. What happened: In probably 1974, when I was 7 years old and in 3rd grade, I went to Sunday School at a Christian church. The teacher taught us little kids that there were good kinds of prayer and bad kinds of prayer. She explained to us that it was “not okay to pray for a red bicycle”. She explained that (more…)

Admin. I know where I’m going.

Come, Bride, Shabbat Queen.Tzfat, Israel. 2012. An ancient text states “The end is inserted into the beginning.” I chose my path with my very first post. Narcissism. Grief. Recovery. Yiddishkeit. I have finished blogging about Narcissism and I have finished blogging through Grief. Now it is time to move to Phase Two, Recovery and Yiddishkeit. I hope to post about empaths, and the bond between empaths and narcissists. I don’t know much about this topic (except for my own personal experiences), so we will learn together. After all, who better to write the truths about empaths than a self-admitted psychic? I (more…)

I Really Miss David.

I really miss David. He is the one friend, no, the best friend, no the dearest friend who would make me feel so confident 48 hours before I face Driftwood in court. 40 second recap: My ex-husband, Driftwood (narcissist), is required by law to buy me out of our former marital home. I offered a very reasonable settlement because I erroneously hoped it would help the case to be settled quickly. Driftwood’s counteroffer was… ZERO. There is no negotiating with a narcissist. A 61-day trial becomes 300+ days. Now, in theory, we are going before the judge and s/he will assign a dollar (more…)