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Confession is Supposed to Help Me????

I spent the weekend with a dear friend who I knew before I went to Israel. She keeps a kosher Jewish home and it is always a special treat for me to get to spend Friday night at her place because it restores my soul in ways that are Kabalistic and would take me a Read More

My 2nd Psychological Assessment (aka: I Hate People).

Warning: Today’s post is a rant. I am so irritable. Every person I have to speak with (cashiers, servers, neighbors) seems incompetent and I want to smack them hard (open hand) across the cheek like the hero does in an old-fashioned Hollywood movie. Whack! This is not normal for me and has been going on Read More

CoDA Update. (Codependents Anonymous)

At the suggestion of friends who love me, I attempted to drag my sorry butt to a CoDA meeting. Codependents Anonymous is a 12-step program. Attempt #1: tropical rain storm. I was afraid to drive. #2: Dad brought home pizza. I chose pizza over CoDA. #3: another tropical storm #4: I don’t even remember why Read More

You Know You’re In Trouble When…

Driftwood and I went to marriage counselling for a long time, twice a month for a year and a half. Early on, he declared that our counselor was a fraud and “on my side” because she was a woman. I offered to change counselors, but he just wanted to complain, so we continued to see Read More

My version of “Letting Go” worksheet.

I posted the poem separately so it would be a clean page to re-blog. http://www.poorkitteh.com/2014/06/15/poem-letting-go-author-unknown/ I was given this hand-out during a support group for families of people who have been hospitalized with severe mental illnesses. It is very difficult to watch someone you love self-destruct by making poor choices, unhealthy choices. This was (and Read More

Poem: Letting Go. (Author Unknown)

Letting go does not mean to stop caring; it means I can’t do it for someone else. Letting go is not to cut myself off; it’s the realization I can’t control another. Letting go is not to enable; but to allow learning from natural consequences. Letting go is to admit powerlessness; which means the outcome Read More

This Blog is for Healing.

There is a well-known blog for survivors of narcissistic relationships (has 10,000+ followers) whose example I do not want to follow. I do enjoy visiting the blog, but it seems to me that for more than 3 years running, the author has been posting angry messages about her rage and pain. If I am still Read More

Keloid Scars.

… I realized much later that my scars looked just like David’s scars. He was a cutter, and has thick keloid scars on both of his arms from where he used to cut himself with a steak knife. I have a fetish for scars, so I think they are beautiful. Apparently that’s the wrong attitude Read More

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