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I Forgive The Narcissist.

Yet another old friend person from my past found me via social media and used the reconnect to give me the shpiel: Wow, you’re back from Israel. You’re such a liar / such a hypocrite / such a failure / such a fraud. Admittedly, the second part isn’t spoken out loud – but I still Read More


Ways I want to IMPROVE MY LIFE: EAT at the TABLE, not at the TV. WALK every day. READ more. GOOD STUFF i already do: daily vitamins chiropractic care live with cats SHABBAT Limit caffeine Drink water instead of soda.   (version 14Apr2016)   Read More

There is No Hypocrisy in Recovery.

A friend from work came to my home for dinner Friday night (Shabbat). She gave me twenty minutes notice but I was so happy to have a guest. I made a beautiful party table for the two of us, lit my two Shabbat candles, and started gathering salads. I opened a can of black olives Read More

It feels good to have a paycheck!

I don’t even know how much I got paid today, simply because I haven’t looked. Yet, I knew I had enough to go grocery shopping – and that feels awesome (: I joined the warehouse club where everything comes in 20-packs and I am slowly buying the items that everyone needs to run a household: toilet Read More

Racism, version 2015.

I would never have hired you if I knew you wouldn’t work Saturdays. I wonder if the average American knows just how many kinds of illegal it is to say such a thing to an employee or to a job candidate? Would it be clearer if the boss said “I would never have hired you if I Read More

Remembering the Narcissist and the Mania.

Today I unpacked a box from Israel and found one of my homemade, inspirational posters that was dated “20 June 2013”. I can’t upload a photograph of the poster because it has David’s real name on it, inside a pink and purple heart, of course; but the poster says this: What would I be able Read More

Why I Wrote Suicide Fiction: Beauty and the Beast.

​ “BEAUTY and the BEAST” by Rivka Anonymous, written on the 30th of September 2013 in Earl Bales Park, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I bought the perfect knife at the Army-Navy Surplus store. It was ten inches long and serrated on one side with giant teeth like an ancient shark. A big game knife… for butchering Read More

Confession is Supposed to Help Me????

I spent the weekend with a dear friend who I knew before I went to Israel. She keeps a kosher Jewish home and it is always a special treat for me to get to spend Friday night at her place because it restores my soul in ways that are Kabalistic and would take me a Read More

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