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I Quit My Job.

One Sunday afternoon in late March, I was selling at the appliance store. It had been damn busy all day, but then there was a moment. I was standing in the middle of the washing machine section, so the appliances only came up to my waist and I had a straight shot line of vision Read More

“Are twin flames really just empaths and narcissists?”

Now that’s an interesting question… My answer is: no and the proof is in the seduction. The narcissist seeks out empaths, kind-hearted individuals who are sensitive to other people’s emotional pain. The empaths have great difficulty separating their own feelings from the strong impressions created within them by other people’s feelings. The empaths must necessarily Read More

The 2nd anniversary of the day I left Israel to be with the narcissist.

Yesterday I realized that August 28th, 2015 was the 2nd anniversary of the day I left Israel to be with the narcissist. It has been two years since I left Israel. Wow, I can’t believe it. It’s been a terrible time for me, really crappy, but it feels like a rough month – not two Read More

Comforting a Stranger.

I received an email from the blood bank that if I donated blood this month, I would get both a free movie ticket and a t-shirt, so I made an appointment to donate after work. The blood mobile was crowded and the waiting made me anxious. I began to worry that I wouldn’t be able Read More

Working Definition of “Empath”.

  I have been trying to hash out a definition of “Empath” that serves this blog and its’ readership of people who unfortunately got involved with a narcissist or two or twenty. It seems to me that the difference between an empath and any average person is: Skill. Effort. Willingness to submit to the gift. Read More

Empaths & Narcissists: Who Are They?

What is an Empath? One who is skilled in empathy. To define empathy, I went to the Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary. This is significant because it indicates an effort on the part of the scientific community (which deals with empirical data and verifiable phenomenon) to begin to label and to measure something that is essentially emotions Read More

Just For Fun – Empathy Test from Italy.

http://www.noanxiety.com/tests/empathy-test.html Empathy test The following test measures one’s empathy level. Empathy is the ability to feel and comprehend other people’s emotions. An empathic person performs an active effort to get in tune with another person, leaving out personal aptitudes such as sympathy, antipathy, fondness, and moral judgments. (Translation: An empath makes an effort to feel Read More

ESP & Impulse Control.

Recently, I started showing signs of diabetes. Namely: Excessive peeing (i.e. needing to go once an hour, every hour) Excessive thirst Blurred vision I have been pre-diabetic for over 30 years and have had bouts of being insulin-resistant, so it is always a legitimate concern for me to watch my blood glucose levels. However, this Read More

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