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WP-Naperville Meetup: Marketing Planning 101: Differentiation.

For me, this meetup focused on making a brand: who is Rivka, what do I do, and why I do it better. Those are the words of the presenter, Ms. Julie Poulos, Vice-President of redcaffeine.com Step one: Set Goals. As bloggers, our goals are typically two-fold. Increase Followers. Make money. Step two: Once you have Read More

Poem: A Cat Has 9 Lives.

  A Cat Has 9 Lives.   First I was my mother’s daughter Then I was my own woman Then I was my husband’s wife Then I was a divorcee Then I was a career woman Then I was a daughter of Israel Finding God; feeling, hearing, and knowing Love. . →{insert bad man} For Read More

Reblog: Poem “We Live Life In Fear” by Dom DiFrancesco.

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Poem: In case you are wondering…

in case you are wondering i would be so happy to see you again to look into your eyes and meet neshama to neshama eternal soul to pre-eternal soul i love you, my tiger all the world is peace until you open your mouth and speak then you make me run circles with my words Read More

Reblog: That Wasn’t Chicken

I love this guy! LOL Read More

Reblog: Worth. (Poetry)

Self-explanatory. Read More

Reblog from Dr. Kimberly Harding: The gift of Prayer or Yoga or Meditation…(take your pick)

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No Contact. Narcissist Is Like a Bonfire.

It seems to me that a narcissist is like a bonfire. I am attracted to the light of the flames because they are colorful, energetic, and reaching for something. The warmth of the fire is comforting, protecting me from the cold night air, and the smell… the smell of campfire is the best smell in Read More

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