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A Cat Story. 31 March 2018.

I’ve been doing this thing on Facebook where I share “5 Positives” each night before bed; but tonight’s post would be: I’m positive that today sucked. I started a beautiful new life by moving out of my brother’s house, getting off of my brother’s couch, and renting my own room from a person who is Read More

Blogging in Secret.

Today’s verbal abuse was “I’m going out now, and you’ll be here, eating and sleeping.” Just because she doesn’t know what I’m doing, does not mean I’m doing nothing. It would be even worse if she knew I was writing. Besides being a waste of time and without intrinsic value, writing means revealing secrets about Read More

Eighty-Six The Rolls, Arguing With A Narcissist.

First the incident… I wanted to have a backyard bar-b-que for Labor Day weekend because I wanted to pretend for one lousy day that my household was like everybody’s else’s. I wanted to be normal. Because of my husband, Driftwood-the-Narcissist’s, bad behavior in the past, none of my friends would accept my invitation to come Read More

Reblog from Kim Saeed: 7 Things Your Narcissist Won’t Tell You

7 Things Your Narcissist Won’t Tell You. As always, Kim’s posts are enlightening; but this one may be unwelcome. Read More

Reblog: Fair Fighting Rules (for PTSD).

Imo, this post has several brilliant ways to improve a relationship. (For me, I need to learn to listen instead of trying to solve.) “Point Taken” could change everything for me. I appreciate it when real couples share their real solutions that actually worked for them. I also enjoy the “make-up box” full of good Read More

Dissecting A Narcissist’s Monologue

I say monologue because a narcissist does not have conversations. When you think they are listening to you, they are actually waiting for their chance to speak. When you think they are speaking to you, they are actually speaking at you. When you think they are praising you, they are actually praising themselves. It’s projection. Read More

Reblog: There is no “Winning” with a Narcissist

Imo, this post paints (literally) a clear picture of the Narcissist and the suffering that should be expected if you become involved with one of them. There is no "Winning" with a Narcissist. Read More

Reblog: Learning more about passive aggressive behaviours.

This is a good summary of Passive-Aggressive Behaviors and how to react in a healthy way – for your own peace of mind. I resonate especially with the suggestion not to be overly sensitive and jump to conclusions. Read More

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