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Narcissist Collects More Evidence Against Me.

Recently I wrote about my ex-husband (narcissist) leaving “lovenotes” in my boxes of stuff that I had been storing in the basement of our former marital home. You guys loved his insanity so much that the post got over 900 hits in two days! Link: http://18mitzvot.com/2015/05/03/poor-narcissists-feel-abused-too/ Well, I found another note to share with you. Read More

Poor Narcissists Feel Abused, Too.

Remember how I wrote that my NPD husband had gone thru each and every one of my storage boxes? And how he needed to fondle each item and then repack the boxes? (Creepy, yes, I know…) Well, he also left notes on some things. For example: This is a joke poem that my boss gave Read More

How Important Is A Loving Home To Recovery From Trauma?

Since I moved in with my brother 22 days ago, I have begun to return to the best version of myself. This is happening for one reason and that is because he loves me. (As an extra, he doesn’t criticize me either.) In this loving environment, I immediately started to blossom and flourish. The best Read More

Reblog: My Story….the first bomb

A perfect description of Lovebombing by a mate with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Read More

Reblog: The Narcissist: Good bye to my imaginary soul mate

A very well written story about the early stages of coping with the red flags of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Read More

Narcissists Are Jealous.

I’m watching JTV, a television channel for selling jewelry. They show a piece of jewelry and then you can phone in and buy it on your credit card. I’m watching because they’re featuring handmade artisanal jewelry from Israel and the designer, Udi Behr, is Israeli. I’m enjoying his heavily accented English. He made a funny Read More

The Truth About Narcissism.

I started writing my WordPress.com blog after I survived suicide. Through blogging, I tried to make sense of what had happened to me and within me. The genesis of my story was David, my dearest friend and lover, who would later be diagnosed by a team of competent psychiatrists as having Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), Read More

Reblog: Oscar Pistorius gets not guilty for murder….another psychopath who ‘got away with it’?

Such a disgusting story of abuse against women being dismissed yet again. Read More

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