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Evil came into our relationship.

Saturday afternoon at the Shabbes table, a man told the following lesson from Torah: Before God created the world, He created two forces: the force that gives and the force that receives. After a while, the force that receives said, “I’m full. I do not want to receive anymore.” The force that gives wanted to Read More

Memories of Israel: Moni.

In Israel, every employer is required by law to provide transportation to and from work for all of their employees. The larger factories send a bus around town to pick up every employee for every shift. A smaller business will pay for a monthly pass for the public bus system, which was better because then Read More

A Quickie (; to start the week.

It seems like that if I want to fit blogging into my daily life right now, I am going to have to start shooting off shorter posts, 200 word posts. I have a lot of time in my day as it is, in fact, quite leisurely – but I am seldom alone. It pisses me Read More

One Shabbes Fiasco.

“He who prepares for Shabbat has what to eat on Shabbat. He who does not prepare for Shabbat does not have what to eat on Shabbat.” -Source: Avodah Zara 3a (probably paraphrased) It seems to me the underlying teaching is that no-one would break Shabbes! Boy, those days are gone. On Friday morning, I went Read More

Re: Shabbat Pledge to Myself.

Earlier last week, I wrote about needing a spiritual pick-me-up, an esoteric cup-o-joe for my tired neshama (soul) – and I made a pledge to myself to set a loving boundary that I would take my rejuvenation time alone in my bedroom. I felt very guilty about this because I felt like I was excluding Read More

Song 85.

יהי רצון מלפניך יהוה אלהי ואלהי אבותי שלא יארע דבר תקלה על ידי ולא אכשל בדבר הלכה וישמחו בי חברי. שלא אומר על טמא טהור ולא על טהור טמא ולא על מתר אסור ולא על אסור מתר ולא יכשלו חברי בדבר הלכה ואשמח בהם. כי יהוה יתן חכמה מפיו דעת ותבונה. גל עיני ואביטה נפלאות Read More

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