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Memories of Israel: Doing Coffee.

Coffee is such a huge part of life in Israel that it deserves its’ own post. Israelis (more so the men than the women) drink coffee and smoke cigarettes all day. From what I saw, it is not uncommon to smoke 4 packs of cigarettes a day, and every smoke gets accompanied by coffee. The Read More

Wizarding Day Trip. 11 March 2015.

Hard Rock Casino Hollywood, Florida sent me a coupon for $20 of free slot play, so I thought I would drive down to the casino, do some gambling, and visit my sister – but my sister said she didn’t want to see me. Getting rejected by text message: “I’ll be running around all day tomorrow have Read More

Ugg. Making a Dating Profile.

I’m surprised how many times each and every day I think about the narcissist and wonder what he is doing. David’s been gone for a full calendar year, yet I still have emotional ties to him. I wonder if that’s only Trauma Bonding? It doesn’t make sense, you see. It doesn’t make sense to feel Read More

Memories of Israel: Nachlaot, Jerusalem.

April 2012. Catpiss. I stepped into my new digs and recoiled from the odor of catpiss. I would have to find the source of that smell and eradicate it… but not tonight. I was tired. I had to make two trips from the West Bank because I could not drag my three suitcases on the Read More

One Shabbes Fiasco.

“He who prepares for Shabbat has what to eat on Shabbat. He who does not prepare for Shabbat does not have what to eat on Shabbat.” -Source: Avodah Zara 3a (probably paraphrased) It seems to me the underlying teaching is that no-one would break Shabbes! Boy, those days are gone. On Friday morning, I went Read More

I’ve been wrong again.

#1. I was angry with my mother because she asked the Universe for a certain farmhouse, but when it immediately showed up, she refused it! I was really irritated because it was obvious to me that she was rejecting the very thing she had prayed for. I hate it when people do that. Well, it Read More

Raisin Bran.

When I arrived in Toronto, I saw David for the first time in four months, and he had lost 40 pounds. He was very proud of his new look and showed off his smaller frame to me. “See, Rivka, now I can wear my skinny jeans.”, he said happily as he twirled to let me Read More

My Confession.

Two days ago, I gave a brilliant lecture to the Xtian lady who was trying to convert me to accept so-and-so as ‘my personal savior’. I scolded her thusly: No-one comes between me and God-the-Father, not a priest, not a pastor, not a rabbi, not a person, no-one. I pray directly to Hashem Himself, and Read More

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