“Manipulative Love Letters”, excerpt #5. The Other Woman.

Rebekah             I’m sorry I should have been more specific this afternoon when we sorta talked. I can’t or couldn’t (depending on when you read this) see you tonight because I was afraid to! As I said for the past five nights in a row you have treated me like poison for 5 different reasons. I’ve got to take a break from that. I’ve tried to tell you over and over again that I’m right on the “edge”. I need comfort and love and a hell of a lot more understanding than I deserve. You’ve shown me that you can’t do (more…)

I had an Epiphany about the Narcissist.

I’ve been working on creating an audiobook about the Jewish daily prayers. I was doing a segment explaining what a brit is (a covenant) and I had an epiphany about the narcissist. Basically, I was explaining how I loved the narcissist unconditionally. I compared my love for David to the way God feels about us, which is to say that no matter what I do, God will never abandon me. He is right by my side, even when I behave like a rotten stinker. In a thunderclap moment, I realized that something was wrong with what I was saying. I stopped to (more…)

Disney’s Descendants, Unicorns, Love, and HSP’s.

The heroine says:Love is not weak or ridiculous. It’s actually really amazing. I’ve been watching this kid’s movie, “Disney’s Descendants”, about the children of villains, who are given scholarships to attend a prestigious prep school. Will the kids continue to be hooligans? Or will they seize the opportunity to become good citizens? This movie plot has all of my favorite elements (and more): movie_list gorgeous costumes and imaginative settings grand battle between good and evil protagonist raised by an evil guardian people are not whom they seem to be good friends stick together magick is a neutral tool hero is changed (more…)

Lies Cheaters Tell.

I was at my supposedly monogamous and committed-to-me boyfriend’s house. He was fixing me lunch and we were having fun watching some movie. It was a very low key afternoon, the kind of date you have when you are poor and can’t afford to go anywhere. Someone knocked on his front door. It turned out to be some other woman that he had been fucking in secret, but had told me that he was sorry and it was all over. Damn! She came right to his front door while I was there with him. I put myself in her shoes and (more…)

Today’s Manipulative Love Letter from Ex-Boyfriend.

Unknown date, Nov 1987: My Beautiful Rebekah,     I love you more than anything I’ve ever known, I’ve said this bunch of times before because it’s true. Because I love you so much I’ll truly respect your decision and never bother you in any way. If we pass please don’t be rude or bitter, just smile and say hello or hi or something. I won’t try and talk or leave anymore notes I know how badly I fucked things up. I’ve been paying for some of those things for a long long time. This is pretty hard for me, I’ve finally driven (more…)

Manipulative Love Letters.

This image has no author info, but I just love it! These happen to be from an alcoholic drug addict, but narcissists and abusers use the same tactics. For example, he projects that I will think he is out with another woman because he was actually out with another woman! However, I had no clue and I wasn’t worried because I trusted him. Next, I got dressed up for a party that we went to together and he got jealous! He tried to make me feel bad for looking too pretty. Manipulative. In the next letter, I am so stupid that (more…)

Evil came into our relationship.

Saturday afternoon at the Shabbes table, a man told the following lesson from Torah: Before God created the world, He created two forces: the force that gives and the force that receives. After a while, the force that receives said, “I’m full. I do not want to receive anymore.” The force that gives wanted to continue giving and it became frustrated. And that is how evil came into the world. Immediately, I thought “That is the spiritual blueprint for my relationship with David. Wow, just wow.” I am the force that gives and when he chose to freeze me out, I became frustrated (more…)