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Yelp Badge : Pro.

Although I currently have 74 check-ins on Yelp, I earned this badge today for “50 check-ins”. My guess is that it must be for 50 unique check-ins, sans duplicates. Yeah me! Read More

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Reasons My Anxiety Has Been Through the Roof Lately.

#1. Book B: working title “Love Letters from an Alcoholic Addict”. ©2015 by Poorkitteh. My alcoholic/addict boyfriend-soulmate-Truelove from 1987-1989, he died – from a lifetime of drug abuse. I had saved every one of his love letters to me. If he left me a note about fixing the air conditioner, I saved it. If he Read More

How Important Is A Loving Home To Recovery From Trauma?

Since I moved in with my brother 22 days ago, I have begun to return to the best version of myself. This is happening for one reason and that is because he loves me. (As an extra, he doesn’t criticize me either.) In this loving environment, I immediately started to blossom and flourish. The best Read More

There it is, baby… 9,999 hits. Thank you all (:

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Tectonic Plates.

I feel the shifting of my foundations as scorching hot lava moves beneath my footing. I am participating in a life-changing event and I can sense the change coming. I am so excited. This is gonna be good. Baruch Hashem. Read More

Reblog from butchcountry67

I am not reblogging this post to put a spotlight on one family’s personal grief. Rather, I see in this post a revealing of the ideal human love affair. As survivors of child abuse, neglect, dysfunctional families, addiction… and then narcissistic abuse… I feel we lack good role models. Many of us (like unconfirmed bachelorette) Read More

A Quickie (; to start the week.

It seems like that if I want to fit blogging into my daily life right now, I am going to have to start shooting off shorter posts, 200 word posts. I have a lot of time in my day as it is, in fact, quite leisurely – but I am seldom alone. It pisses me Read More

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