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Ugh. Journal: 26 Feb 2018.

I really need to move. I live with a bunch of addicts and their behavior is very similar to the narcissists of this world in that they’re super nice when they’re waiting for me to give them rent money but the second I give them the money then they are total bastards to me. It’s Read More

Is it Fun or is it Self-Destructive?

Today was payday. (Yeah!!!) Last payday, I gave $800 to my doctors, split 3 ways, so by the end of week one, I didn’t even have lunch money! That was oppressive. It is not a good feeling when the cash runs out. Right? I started feeling trapped on the hamster wheel and that maybe my Read More

It feels good to have a paycheck!

I don’t even know how much I got paid today, simply because I haven’t looked. Yet, I knew I had enough to go grocery shopping – and that feels awesome (: I joined the warehouse club where everything comes in 20-packs and I am slowly buying the items that everyone needs to run a household: toilet Read More

Reasons My Anxiety Has Been Through the Roof Lately.

#1. Book B: working title “Love Letters from an Alcoholic Addict”. ©2015 by Poorkitteh. My alcoholic/addict boyfriend-soulmate-Truelove from 1987-1989, he died – from a lifetime of drug abuse. I had saved every one of his love letters to me. If he left me a note about fixing the air conditioner, I saved it. If he Read More

Some Examples of Narcissistic Abuse Taken From My Life.

  I feel like I still have a lot of old wounds to let go of. I hope that writing some of them down will help me to release the emotional distress from each incident and I hope that my experiences will help other people to talk about their incidents of abuse. Please share your Read More


We had a customer service fiasco at the clothing store yesterday, and I realized that my job is tenuous: one severe customer complaint and I could be unemployed. The incident put Yirat Shemayim in my face. I admitted that I hate being poor. I am poor because I’m not working a full-time job anymore, nor Read More

Poor Narcissists Feel Abused, Too.

Remember how I wrote that my NPD husband had gone thru each and every one of my storage boxes? And how he needed to fondle each item and then repack the boxes? (Creepy, yes, I know…) Well, he also left notes on some things. For example: This is a joke poem that my boss gave Read More

Narcisstic Weirdness.

I arrived safely in Aurora, Illinois; found the local Jewish community; and started writing my first blog posts… when my laptop crashed. Boo hiss! My beloved computer is less than one year old and still under warranty. I actually bought her here in Aurora, so I took her back to the TigerDirect shop to be Read More

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