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I want to add one more reason why I have extra anxiety this month: my ex-husband.

I’m not talking about Driftwood. There was another husband before him. Two failed marriages. sigh The first husband, let’s call him Sexy Beast, we were married April 1st, 1995 and finished by December 1997. I chose to marry him on April First because I thought that anyone who tries to have a successful marriage in Read More

Reasons My Anxiety Has Been Through the Roof Lately.

#1. Book B: working title “Love Letters from an Alcoholic Addict”. ©2015 by Poorkitteh. My alcoholic/addict boyfriend-soulmate-Truelove from 1987-1989, he died – from a lifetime of drug abuse. I had saved every one of his love letters to me. If he left me a note about fixing the air conditioner, I saved it. If he Read More

My First Date Since Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth.

I tried to sabotage the date. Usually when I have to drive somewhere that I’ve never been before, I leave a half hour early so I have time to get lost – because I will get lost. But I was depressed and started thinking that maybe if I were late, he would just go away. Read More

Reblog: Poem “We Live Life In Fear” by Dom DiFrancesco.

Read More

A Torah explanation for one difference between men and women.

According to Bereshit (Book of Genesis), a man has an emotional need for validation that is different from a woman’s emotional need for validation. According to Bereshit, God took some dirt (adamah), pushed it into the shape of a male human, breathed into it, and the male was brought to life. First there was dirt, Read More

Breath of Fire.

In high school, I used to get terrible anxiety when it was time to go to gym class (phys ed). There were two reasons for this: 1) I was two years younger than my classmates and 2) I was clumsy and especially inept at sports. I read about a breathing exercise to decrease anxiety and Read More

My Xanax Withdrawal Story.

*****DISCLAIMER: Withdrawal from benzodiazepines is dangerous without medical supervision.***** Short list of Benzodiazepines: Xanax, Valium, Paxor, Klonopin, Serax, Restoril, Lorazepam. . I have been working on this post all week. I expected it to be a scientific listing of the symptoms of withdrawal that I personally experienced when I quit taking Xanax (Alprazolam). However, first Read More

My First Recurring Dream.

My whole life, I have had cycles of recurring dreams – where a group of years was dominated by one particular dream, followed by a new group of years dominated by a single, new dream. Cycles of recurring dreams, interspersed with other random dreams. For most of my childhood (let’s say ages 5 to 10, Read More

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