“Are twin flames really just empaths and narcissists?”

Now that’s an interesting question… My answer is: no and the proof is in the seduction. The narcissist seeks out empaths, kind-hearted individuals who are sensitive to other people’s emotional pain. The empaths have great difficulty separating their own feelings from the strong impressions created within them by other people’s feelings. The empaths must necessarily lack boundaries in order to use their gift of empathy, being able to feel other people’s feelings. If empaths could block out the outside world, then they wouldn’t feel compelled to help others with their strong emotional needs. Therefore, empaths are somewhat exposed and lacking in (more…)

Disney’s Descendants, Unicorns, Love, and HSP’s.

The heroine says:Love is not weak or ridiculous. It’s actually really amazing. I’ve been watching this kid’s movie, “Disney’s Descendants”, about the children of villains, who are given scholarships to attend a prestigious prep school. Will the kids continue to be hooligans? Or will they seize the opportunity to become good citizens? This movie plot has all of my favorite elements (and more): movie_list gorgeous costumes and imaginative settings grand battle between good and evil protagonist raised by an evil guardian people are not whom they seem to be good friends stick together magick is a neutral tool hero is changed (more…)

Faith In Love & Rejecting the New Guy.

I went on my first date in ages (post: First Date ), and it was far more enjoyable than I expected. That’s the good news. The bad news is that I didn’t feel carried away by passion. I broke up with a decent human being because I didn’t feel “love at first sight”. I have not decided if that makes me crazy or not. First, let’s discuss the Jewish part of this dilemma and then the wounded spirit part. The Jewish Part: I believe in the kiddusha of the zivug. Translation: I believe that God-our-Creator creates a soul and then divides it into two (more…)

Rape and The Narcissist.

DISCLAIMER: Adult post for people ages 18 and over. Please do not read if you are under 18 years old or are sensitive to sexual content. As a self-imposed rule, I refrain from writing about sex. Sometimes I insinuate, but I have never written overt descriptions of human sexuality for this blog. I do not want this blog to cross that line of being graphic. However, this post is about rape. Many people still confuse rape with sex, despite the ground-breaking findings of sociologist Dr. Susan Brown which proved that rape is about domination. Rapists violate victims because they want to dominate (more…)

Narcissist Collects More Evidence Against Me.

Recently I wrote about my ex-husband (narcissist) leaving “lovenotes” in my boxes of stuff that I had been storing in the basement of our former marital home. You guys loved his insanity so much that the post got over 900 hits in two days! Link: http://18mitzvot.com/2015/05/03/poor-narcissists-feel-abused-too/ Well, I found another note to share with you. Oh, what a caring pet owner to take so many pictures. Too bad she would later not just leave them, but leave them in the care of a bankrupted individual for whom the financial cost was nearly overwhelming. Too bad that “womyn” was the direct reason (more…)

Evil came into our relationship.

Saturday afternoon at the Shabbes table, a man told the following lesson from Torah: Before God created the world, He created two forces: the force that gives and the force that receives. After a while, the force that receives said, “I’m full. I do not want to receive anymore.” The force that gives wanted to continue giving and it became frustrated. And that is how evil came into the world. Immediately, I thought “That is the spiritual blueprint for my relationship with David. Wow, just wow.” I am the force that gives and when he chose to freeze me out, I became frustrated (more…)

People are Born to be Kind.

Kindness by www.reallife.co.za I saw an interesting television show about the emotions of compassion and anger, National Geographic’s Brain Games, S5, Ep2. They showed a psychological study that was done with babies ages 8 to 12 months. In that age group, the babies can express their choices and preferences, but they have no verbal language skills yet. Each baby was presented with a puppet show. A kitten tries to open a box, but a doggie wearing a yellow t-shirt jumps on the lid and slams it shut. The kitten tries to open the box again, and a doggie wearing a blue (more…)