Ways I want to IMPROVE MY LIFE: EAT at the TABLE, not at the TV. WALK every day. READ more. GOOD STUFF i already do: daily vitamins chiropractic care live with cats SHABBAT Limit caffeine Drink water instead of soda.   (version 14Apr2016)   Please share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window)Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in (more…)

Silly Kitties.

Yesterday my brother and I both came home from work late. Our American cat was sitting by his foodbowl, waiting to be fed, crying the whole time. Meow meow meow meow. But our Israeli cat, she was like “#%& u!”. She knocked over the dry food and fed herself! She’s a survivor. I swept the kibbles into one pile, offered it to the American cat, and then he ate, too. He cleaned up the floor just like a dog would. Problem solved. Please share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click (more…)

Just Me and the Cats.

My brother has gone to Fort Lauderdale for the week and I am alone in the house with the cats. He has been gone less than one day and I am so lonely. I feel sad and a little freaked out to be alone in the quiet house. I realized I don’t have anyone in my life except my brother and I didn’t register how lonely I am – until he left for the airport. I thought I was doing okay, but I guess not – ’cause all my confidence flew out the window as soon as he started packing his suitcase. I just (more…)

Reasons My Anxiety Has Been Through the Roof Lately.

‘Wait…Where was I going again? Oh. That’s right.’ #1. Book B: working title “Love Letters from an Alcoholic Addict”. ©2015 by Poorkitteh. My alcoholic/addict boyfriend-soulmate-Truelove from 1987-1989, he died – from a lifetime of drug abuse. I had saved every one of his love letters to me. If he left me a note about fixing the air conditioner, I saved it. If he left me a suicide note, more like a hundred suicide notes, I saved them. If he invited me on dates, if he thanked me for a date, I saved them. I saved them all for 28 years. This (more…)

Memories of Israel: Nachlaot, Jerusalem.

I didn’t take any photos of Nachlaot. April 2012. Catpiss. I stepped into my new digs and recoiled from the odor of catpiss. I would have to find the source of that smell and eradicate it… but not tonight. I was tired. I had to make two trips from the West Bank because I could not drag my three suitcases on the city bus in a single trip. I rode the bus into Jerusalem with two suitcases, dropped them off at the new apartment, then rode a bus back to Neve Daniel where I picked up the final bag, and got on a third bus to (more…)

Good-bye, my kissing tigers.

. Even before I wrote my first blog post on 01 April 2014, I chose these kissing tigers to represent me and the narcissist, David. I always called him “nameri”, which is Hebrew for my tiger. That’s my tiger. Sadly, I cannot find the original link which contains the photographer’s name. I remember that it had all sorts of info about what type of camera he used and the shutter speed, etc. I remember it was a Japanese guy. Not good enough. I am publishing e-books again and I don’t have proper copyright permission to use this lovely image, so it (more…)

Being The Greeter.

grumpy_cat_christmas_by_michu0022-d6z6lj6 Today at work at the clothing store, they made me the Greeter. I wore a faux gold lame apron that appointed me “Gifting Expert” and accosted every customer who walked through the door. “Hello! Happy Holidays!! May I help you find the perfect gift?” Most everybody ran, but as long as I caused them to run into the store, my task was done. It sounds like a cushy job, getting paid a salary to say “Happy Holidays” to people. That’s what I tried to convince myself, anyhow. I worked it out on my first break. $7.96 an hour times 3.76 (more…)