My First Date Since Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth.

I tried to sabotage the date. Usually when I have to drive somewhere that I’ve never been before, I leave a half hour early so I have time to get lost – because I will get lost. But I was depressed and started thinking that maybe if I were late, he would just go away. So instead of leaving 30 minutes early, I left 15 minutes late for my one-hour drive to the kosher restaurant. But it gets worse. When I was about 1 mile from the place, I decided that I was driving in the wrong direction, turned around, and (more…)

Working Definition of “Empath”.

  From I have been trying to hash out a definition of “Empath” that serves this blog and its’ readership of people who unfortunately got involved with a narcissist or two or twenty. It seems to me that the difference between an empath and any average person is: Skill. Effort. Willingness to submit to the gift. Here is an example of how being an empath works in everyday life, my life: I was in the store where I work and I saw a woman approaching. She had her young daughter in a shopping cart. I am going to guess that (more…)