I’m still here.

I still have my job. (yea) I still have my cat. (purr purr) I still have my brother. (okay, clearly this list is in no particular order because he should’ve been first.) I still have my disturbing memories. (ssss) I’ve been depressed lately because of the lack of sunlight. It’s “on my list” to find a full-spectrum sun lamp. I can’t sit down and write like I used to, and I’m not sure why. I just can’t. But I’m still here. (: Please share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to (more…)

Journal. 20 Oct 2015.

The days I work are better than the days I don’t. When I have the whole day off, I just sit on the couch and watch movies for up to 12 hours at a time. I don’t know why, really. This is a new behavior for me. I’m concerned that it may have something to do with menopause and my hormones changing. Just a guess at this point. I do have 3 separate writing projects going on in my head. The first is Hayden’s letters. My goal to finish was August, but I got behind. I only have about 10 letters left (more…)

Table of Contents. July 2015.

Date Title Category 1-Jul-2015 Oh God, I had nightmares about homelessness again. G 1-Jul-2015 Remembering the Narcissist and the Mania. G N 2-Jul-2015 New Study Linking Alcoholism to Eye Color. RD 2-Jul-2015 Gratitude Quote. 02July2015. RC RF 3-Jul-2015 Re: SexyBeast. E 6-Jul-2015 Claustrophobia: my new loft bed is just like sleeping in a coffin. RC RF 8-Jul-2015 Why I Blog About the Narcissist. N RC 13-Jul-2015 Journal. 13July2015. Coping With Funk. RC 14-Jul-2015 Allergies are compounding the anxiety and the depression. RC 18-Jul-2015 Today’s Manipulative Love Letter from Ex-Boyfriend. N RC 21-Jul-2015 Quick news. 21July2015. BB 22-Jul-2015 When it’s good, it’s (more…)

Why I Blog About the Narcissist.

I have been taking some abuse lately about exposing the “sins” of others. Some people, no, many people think that it is wrong to speak about past abuse or to expose the names of abusers or to “dwell on” bad things that are supposedly in the past. Among Jewish people, there is even a mis-used and often twisted idea of lashon hora, which means that gossiping about a person’s bad deeds serves no purpose except to make the tattletale feel extra special or extra righteous. In Jewish circles, it is forbidden to talk of someone’s sins even if they are true. (more…)

Migrating from WordPress.com can be made easier with Site Redirect.

For 5 weeks, I have been freaking out because my old blog got 992 hits while the new site got 639 hits. Added together, that would have been a sizeable month for me… but, NOOooo… I could not figure out how to get my traffic to move to the new WordPress.org site I chatted with several Happiness Engineers. I read the support forums on migration. I uploaded plugins that were supposed to help. And all the while, the old site was still getting more traffic than the new site. I was competing with myself. -(and probably doing something bad with my (more…)

WP-Naperville Meetup: Marketing Planning 101: Differentiation.

touchpointers.com For me, this meetup focused on making a brand: who is Rivka, what do I do, and why I do it better. Those are the words of the presenter, Ms. Julie Poulos, Vice-President of redcaffeine.com Step one: Set Goals. As bloggers, our goals are typically two-fold. Increase Followers. Make money. Step two: Once you have personal goals for your blog, examine what your competition is doing. Remember, this presentation was about becoming a BRAND and then selling it. You need to know if your blog is exactly the same as 500 others. Don’t be afraid. I assure you that it (more…)

Some Days Are Golden.

photo from financesonline.com via Google. These days, I don’t use an alarm clock. I wake naturally between 8 and 830am and I feel rested. Yes, it is luxurious. I had 2 days off work. I woke, made coffee, and I davened (prayed) Israeli-style: out-loud and singing my prayers to a tune that my soul spontaneously invented. Also luxurious. Next I wrote a post that made me feel awesome, like I was a giant in the publishing industry and my superheroine cape was flying in the wind behind me. Then my best friend and I had an argument by email about something (more…)