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I think it’s probably bad manners to write a post about being depressed or angry or unhappy; and then just disappear for a month. When last I wrote, my brother had gone to Florida to visit my parents and I (having not been invited) was left alone in Illinois with the cats. I thought some quiet Read More

Claustrophobia: my new loft bed is just like sleeping in a coffin.

I finally got my mattress! Yeah! No more sleeping on the air mattress. I am so happy. Good news, bad news. I wanted a loft bed, so I bought one at IKEA. I can stand and walk unobstructed underneath it, which makes it 5 feet 5 inches off the ground. I spraypainted the metal frame Read More

How Important Is A Loving Home To Recovery From Trauma?

Since I moved in with my brother 22 days ago, I have begun to return to the best version of myself. This is happening for one reason and that is because he loves me. (As an extra, he doesn’t criticize me either.) In this loving environment, I immediately started to blossom and flourish. The best Read More

Show-and-Tell Art Project. 28 Dec 2014. Door.

temporary link: Transcription: Shalom uvrachot. Today is the 28th of December 2014 and I’m doing Show-and-Tell with my art project. So on November 22nd, I had a really beautiful dream and it was very Lewis Carroll. I came upon a door that was slightly open, and I pushed the door open, and went in to Read More

Reblog from Dr. Kimberly Harding: The gift of Prayer or Yoga or Meditation…(take your pick)

Read More

Reblog: From K. Harding – The Warrior of the Galaxy.

Excerpt: Trust yourself. You were not born of the stars and all the powers incumbent so that you may belittle yourself or your actions for the comfort of another. Read More

Comfort Food Award. “You make me feel good.”

. THE COMFORT FOOD AWARD. “You make me feel good.” In order to accept the award, please: 1. Select bloggers whose work brings you comfort. 2. Briefly explain why. 3. Send the badge to them. My first nominees are: Healing My Codependency – by C. – http://healingmycodependencyandyournarcissism.wordpress.com/ C’s blog makes me feel good because I like Read More

Reblog: Healing For Twin Flames.

Original source: www.starseeds.net I cannot figure out how to link to the original content because the website requires membership. However, I am reposting this article for educational purposes under the Copyright Act. (I DID NOT WRITE THIS ARTICLE. -Rivka)   I feel there has been a lot of hype about Twin Flame relationships in the Read More

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