Tsunami of Love

My friend wrote this essay on his spirituality website, Golden Age of Gaia. It deals with clearing out my emotions that are holding me back from living with open joy. Of course, I relate all of this to my zivug. Consider this post as me talking out loud to myself. -Rivka http://goldenageofgaia.com/2014/04/08/last-minute-clearing Responses to this Read More

Bircat HaMazon

After David and I had made love for a few days, he asked me if I were hungry. Hell, yes, I was hungry. He thought about which kosher restaurant he could take me to that was nearby. I told him that I really wanted to go to a diner, the kind that served coffee in Read More

A Perfect Kiss.

In tonite’s post, I mean to push myself as a writer. This experience is challenging for me to vocalise, so let’s just call it a draft. I never liked kissing. One of my college boyfriends, Hayden, used to tease me that I kissed him like a grandmother. Mind you, I can get into kissing when Read More

Naughty Kitties.

06Apr2014. I am 168 pages into “the sociopath next door” by Dr. Martha Stout. On page 127, she writes: As a counterpoint to sociopathy, the condition of narcissism is particularly interesting and instructive. Narcissism is, in a metaphorical sense, one half of what sociopathy is. Even clinical narcissists are able to feel most emotions as Read More

Rebbe Nachman Song

Rebbe Nachman, Nachman meUman… Very late one night, David and I were walking the midrahov as usual. We walked north, past the Artbar cafe on the left and Zefat College on the right. There was a park/playground on the left. We had been there before because I like to swing on the swings, and they Read More

Shabbat Salads

04Apr2014. Batya still can’t get out of bed. Her back went out yesterday morning and she has been incapacitated since. This meant that I got to prepare for Shabbat all by myself. I rode the #164 bus to the supermarket, spent $25 on fresh vegetables, dragged the bags home with no agala (shopping cart), chopped Read More

Hot Tea.

I did not know that Canadians like to drink hot tea all day. David’s favorite in Canada is Red Rose Tea, a black breakfast tea; but in Israel, he fell in love with Wysoski black tea. Israel imports it from Poland for the Russian Jews. When he came to live with me, he was a Read More

Holding Hands

This is a long story, with many complicated details. I couldn’t possibly get it all from my head to the written word, but I will try. The nights in Tzfat were boring for David. He wanted to go somewhere, do something. He wanted adrenaline, but there was only the midrahov, one paved street that circled Read More

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