Shalom u’vrachot.


01 April 2014. My goals for this blog:
1. To write down every single memory that I have about my zivug so that I can empty my brain and then reboot it to be without him (ie. to grieve).
2. To collect educational articles about Clinical Narcissism or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
3. To document my recovery process as I enter therapy for survivors of abuse.
4. To connect with other survivors who can help me to recover. (Hopefully, I will return the love.)


Cue the fireworks. Shoot the confetti.
I discovered sidebars, widgets, and themes!

Dear readers,
Please, please, PLEASE… rate my posts.

It is such an adrenaline rush when someone finds my blog amongst the other 86 billion blogs out there… and reads it! Who Knew?! One of my goals when I began blogging was to connect with other survivors of abuse and recover together as a community. I love it that that dream has become a reality so quickly. You guys, you other bloggers, are so helpful to me. I feel all warm and fuzzy from you guys.

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P.S. (Re: © you know the drill. If you copy my shtuff, please cite me. – Rivka) Cpaciba bolshoi.


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