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I Forgive The Narcissist.

Yet another old friend person from my past found me via social media and used the reconnect to give me the shpiel: Wow, you’re back from Israel. You’re such a liar / such a hypocrite / such a failure / such a fraud. Admittedly, the second part isn’t spoken out loud – but I still Read More

Silly Kitties.

Yesterday my brother and I both came home from work late. Our American cat was sitting by his foodbowl, waiting to be fed, crying the whole time. Meow meow meow meow. But our Israeli cat, she was like “#%& u!”. She knocked over the dry food and fed herself! She’s a survivor. I swept the Read More

Memories of Israel: Doing Coffee.

Coffee is such a huge part of life in Israel that it deserves its’ own post. Israelis (more so the men than the women) drink coffee and smoke cigarettes all day. From what I saw, it is not uncommon to smoke 4 packs of cigarettes a day, and every smoke gets accompanied by coffee. The Read More

Tznius, the Jewish Way of Dressing.

I’ve been thinking about dressing more American when I get to my new home in Illinois. For example, I do not own a pair of pants (or blue jeans or khakis or slacks), and I haven’t worn pants for several years. Here is my everyday outfit: I have three identical black skirts and six of Read More

Memories of Israel: Moni.

In Israel, every employer is required by law to provide transportation to and from work for all of their employees. The larger factories send a bus around town to pick up every employee for every shift. A smaller business will pay for a monthly pass for the public bus system, which was better because then Read More

Memories of Israel: Ascent. 10 June 2012.

Tzfat, 10 June 2012. Tonite Sara walked me to a Torah class at Ascent, a Chabad youth hostel. The class was very basic and the teacher was very young; but he made some good points that I personally needed to hear. For example, he said that if you have the goal that you want to write a book Read More

Memories of Israel: Nachlaot, Jerusalem.

April 2012. Catpiss. I stepped into my new digs and recoiled from the odor of catpiss. I would have to find the source of that smell and eradicate it… but not tonight. I was tired. I had to make two trips from the West Bank because I could not drag my three suitcases on the Read More

Memories of Israel: Skipping ulpan to go to the shuk.

Hebrew lessons are provided free-of-charge to every new immigrant to Israel. It is part of the government-provided benefits package called “The Absorption Basket” and new citizens are encouraged to speak, read, and write Hebrew as part of their adjustment to life in Israel. At the time, I had Hebrew classes (called “ulpan”) from 830am to Read More

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