Journal: 10Dec2017.

It’s been more than 4 years since I left Israel and stopped speaking Hebrew every day, but just yesterday I started to forget words. Just like that snap… I can’t make sentences anymore and I realized it’s my new diet. I am doing a liver detox so I switched from daily vegetarian cheese sandwiches to chicken. But the chicken is traife (not kosher). And now I can’t speak Hebrew. I hear that Trader Joe’s grocery store carries kosher chicken for sale. Of course I’m broke this week because I self-sabotaged and lost $300 at the casino after my mom told me (more…)

Abandonment issues.

Many times in the past I’ve complained about bloggers disappearing… We connected to each other and became friends and community because we all have abandonment issues. So when a blogger disappears, it triggers us deep inside. I vaguely remember writing a post about how if I went away, it didn’t mean I killed myself. In truth, I did go away because I was sad. Even writing a little post became too much because of my perfectionist attitudes. And then I get where there’s so much I want to say that it’s overwhelming and I feel like I have to assign 15 (more…)

Stalking my 1st ex-husband.

Today is 05Dec2017 and I was sitting in my parked car, with the headlights out, staring at my former house. Finally I tiptoed up to the front door to check the mailbox. I turned the flashlight on my iPhone to see if there was a name on the mailbox, but there wasn’t. Next I actually tried to read the name on the mail, but it was only junk circulars. I then decided not to knock on the former door. I retreated to parked my car. As I was sitting in the dark, a van pulled up. My heart leapt! Maybe it (more…)

Today’s LOL.

WordPress says: “It’s been 25 days since you published I Forgive The Narcissist. ” And it has zero likes! I laughed when I saw that. What’s wrong with you people? I finally turned my corner. Three YEARS it took me to get to a serene place and not one reader hits “Like”!  I get it. You are holding onto the anger because you are waiting for justice.     Please share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window)Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window)Click (more…)

Protected: Journal 10May2016. Online Casino.

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Call 911 !

2016 is supposed to be… The Year of Health Insurance (echo, echo, echo). I have High-Deductible-Minimal-Coverage medical insurance via the Evil Corporation where I work… and I have a paycheck, so my… let’s say “plan” is to take better care of myself: get my teeth cleaned, have my eyes checked, go to the General Practitioner, find a counsellor, etc. In my dreams, I get to see an actual psychiatric person/doctor to have my moods analyzed and I get some proper psych meds for once. It’s a beautiful dream. Reality is a confidential and free self-assessment on the insurance website. 10 questions (more…)

Psychotherapy by Internet?

full article What is CBT? Cognitive behavioral therapy (or CBT as it is commonly known) is a form of psychotherapy which is based on Beck’s Negative Cognitive Triad, the researchers explain. People who are depressed have developed negative views of themselves, the world, and their future, according to Dr. Aaron Beck, the “father of CBT.” Naturally, these three beliefs — believing you are incompetent/unworthy, believing the world is a hostile place, and believing the future will be emotionally painful — reinforce and compound one another. Commonly, depressed people also make certain assumptions which make them even more vulnerable to depression, such as (more…)