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Swiss Ruling About Islam vs Societal Norms.

(GENEVA)— A school board in northern Switzerland said Wednesday that two Muslim boys who have refused to shake hands with their female teachers for religious reasons can be required to do so, ruling that their parents could face fines of up to 5,000 Swiss francs (about $5,000) if they don’t. A public school in the… via Read More

Reblog: There Are Stupid Questions.

This post is completely unrelated to my blog topics, but I am sharing it because it teaches a good life skill and HSP’s often need to learn to take better care of themselves. Enjoy. Read More

Reblog: Go easy on yourself.

Recovery. Read More


Remember, dear readers, you cannot fix a narcissist – but people with illnesses will respond to kindness. Let me change that. Everyone will respond to kindness. When I could remember that the narcissist was sick, I was able to remain detached and not become embroiled in his drama. Unfortunately, I could not maintain a healthy Read More

Reblog: Comfort Zone. 

eventually, one must step back into the ring – or become obsolete. Read More

Reblog: A Consuming Hatred.

Read More

Reblog: Poem “We Live Life In Fear” by Dom DiFrancesco.

Read More

Reblog: What is a Mood Disorder? – by Danielle Broomfield.

Clever illustration of eight different types of mood disorders. Read More

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