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Things I am grateful for, courtesy of the narcissist.

The Grand Finale. The psychopath carefully selects the most indifferent and heartbreaking way imaginable to abandon you. They want you to self-destruct, cleaning up any loose ends as they begin the grooming process with their latest victim. They destroy you as a way to reassure themselves that their new target is better. But most importantly, Read More

My 2nd Psychological Assessment (aka: I Hate People).

Warning: Today’s post is a rant. I am so irritable. Every person I have to speak with (cashiers, servers, neighbors) seems incompetent and I want to smack them hard (open hand) across the cheek like the hero does in an old-fashioned Hollywood movie. Whack! This is not normal for me and has been going on Read More


I’m having a hard time blogging since I moved in with my parents. Today I tried to write and quit three times because the household is too noisy for me. If I get any writing accomplished, it has to be both conceived and typed after 10 pm when they go to sleep. I miss uploading Read More

Last Look at the Homeless Shelter.

90 women were in my dorm. Order was maintained via regulations. Quiet time at 2100 hours. Lights out at 2230 hours. Reveille at 0500 hours. Mandatory chapel at 0800 hours or you could get off the property.   This was my ‘house’ for 31 nights. I had one bucket of belongings, half for clothes and Read More

Happy Children at the Homeless Shelter.

Children in my homeless shelter are happy. That’s right. You read correctly. I spent so far 22 nights in the homeless shelter in Dallas. There are dozens of families staying with me – families with both a mommy and a daddy and several kids, a family with just a mommy and four babies under age Read More

Guilt and Shabbat.

Now that I am living in a homeless shelter in Dallas, Texas; I am having a really tough time obeying the mitzvot and obeying Hashem. I have been blogging about my failures and also my occasional successes. I need to put it out there, in writing, that this is all my fault. I alone am Read More

How to Keep Kosher during a Crisis.

Please note: one aveira leads to another. As soon as your eye looks to doing something in the gray areas of Torah, the Satan will lead you to open sins. I know that sounds kinda ‘Southern Baptisty’ but I am staying with them and they are influencing me, especially my words. However, it is still Read More


Well, I got outed this morning and now I have a fever blister opening on my lip (because of the fear of being evicted from the Baptist homeless shelter). The shelter added 12 beds to the women’s dormitory yesterday; so they moved the 90+ existing beds so close together that now we can lie in Read More

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