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I’ve got to do something about Facebook.

Today I posted this dramatic goodbye on my Facebook profile: 1. Fake profiles have been trying to connect to me via Facebook. 2. I reported 5+ fake profiles and Facebook deleted those accounts. 3. Criminals stole money from my bank account in real life. 4. Facebook’s new technologies link our Facebook profiles to hundreds of Read More

Yelp Elite 2018.

You may have noticed that I started posting about Yelp, a consumer-driven internet site (social networking) for reviewing businesses, such as: restaurants, oil change facilities, dry cleaners, retail stores, hotels, and so much more! That is because I was granted Yelp Elite 2018 status. Yeah me! I will write the process of how I won Read More

Yelp Badge : Mobile Streaker .

I earned this badge by using my iPhone app to check-in for 6 days in a row. It was tricky because I almost missed day 4. In total, I checked in 14 times (in 6 days) because I was trying to earn the Domestic Badge. I’m finding that’s what happens: I’m going for one badge, Read More

Yelp Badge : Maverick.

This is the first badge I earned (September 2017) and I am the most proud of Maverick because it recognizes people who are authentic. I go my own way. I do my own thing. I am neither a follower nor a sheeple (baa-aah). The world used to call us stubborn, but now we are Mavericks. Read More

Yelp Badge : True Yelper.

The key to earning this badge is to check-in first, wait 15 minutes or so, and then write your review. I thought it was cheating to use Yelp this way because it looks like I visited the establishment twice in one day, but this is how Yelp works best. Check-in first, wait, then write the Read More

Yelp Badge : Pro.

Although I currently have 74 check-ins on Yelp, I earned this badge today for “50 check-ins”. My guess is that it must be for 50 unique check-ins, sans duplicates. Yeah me! Read More

Table of Contents. July 2015.

Date Title Category 1-Jul-2015 Oh God, I had nightmares about homelessness again. G 1-Jul-2015 Remembering the Narcissist and the Mania. G N 2-Jul-2015 New Study Linking Alcoholism to Eye Color. RD 2-Jul-2015 Gratitude Quote. 02July2015. RC RF 3-Jul-2015 Re: SexyBeast. E 6-Jul-2015 Claustrophobia: my new loft bed is just like sleeping in a coffin. RC Read More

Quick news. 21July2015.

I have so much going on right now that I can’t sit down and blog about it! A lot of it is good… I’ve been learning about marketing and branding, and using the info to tweak the look and functionality of this blog. More good news… I am getting Twitter followers left and right, and Read More

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