Month: January 2018

Low Self-Confidence.

I’m having a problem with self-confidence right now. So many things I want to write about, to blog about, and share – but I don’t do it. I don’t do it because I think it’ll be stupid and nobody will want to read it… But the blog is supposed to be for me, for my Read More

Day 3.

It’s been 3 days since David showed up on Facebook after a 4 year absence. I start panicking whenever I think about it and have to take a Xanax. Narcissists get bored easily and he will go dark soon. He won’t stay around too long but it could be two months. Meanwhile I have my Read More

Day 1: He’s back.

Recently I’ve developed this terrible habit, where I go on Facebook as soon as I open my eyes I don’t even pray to God first. The other day I checked my messages and a thread that I had responded to, 2 messages after mine there’s David! 4 years of No Contact and there’s his face Read More

OMG He’s on Facebook Again!

I’ve had No Contact, complete No Contact, for at least 3 years… except for the fact that my brain refuses to let go and move on. I went on one date about 2 years ago. I met a male friend of a friend for dinner in a nice restaurant and I had extreme panic. I Read More

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