Month: December 2017

20Dec2017. I love Tuesdays.

I had a really good day yesterday – until I came home at 4pm. But before that, it was great. Every Tuesday I get acupuncture from Doctor Li. He’s from Shanghai, China and married to a blonde-haired, American beauty who was raised on a farm in Wisconsin. Doctor Tammy and her husband run a Chinese-American Read More

Journal: 10Dec2017.

It’s been more than 4 years since I left Israel and stopped speaking Hebrew every day, but just yesterday I started to forget words. Just like that snap… I can’t make sentences anymore and I realized it’s my new diet. I am doing a liver detox so I switched from daily vegetarian cheese sandwiches to Read More

Abandonment issues.

Many times in the past I’ve complained about bloggers disappearing… We connected to each other and became friends and community because we all have abandonment issues. So when a blogger disappears, it triggers us deep inside. I vaguely remember writing a post about how if I went away, it didn’t mean I killed myself. In Read More

Stalking my 1st ex-husband.

Today is 05Dec2017 and I was sitting in my parked car, with the headlights out, staring at my former house. Finally I tiptoed up to the front door to check the mailbox. I turned the flashlight on my iPhone to see if there was a name on the mailbox, but there wasn’t. Next I actually Read More

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