Recovery Music.

I signed up for Pandora today, only 16 years behind everyone else. Pandora is an app of internet radio stations that have fewer commercials than YouTube, but don’t allow you to make your own music playlists like YouTube does.

I chose a musician, Selena Gomez, and then Pandora suggested similar musicians that I might like. Meh.

Music used to be so important to me. You know how you can vividly remember a year by the music you were listening to at the time?

1978 = ABBA, The Beatles, KISS

1983 = Madonna, Duran Duran

1990 = The Cure, They Might Be Giants, Matthew Sweet

Not listening to music is a sign of depression, of not enjoying the world around you, and of not enjoying activities that used to give you joy. Yet, it seems to me that the pop music on the radio nowadays is so damn depressing. It seems like nobody is happy out there? Or maybe it’s that sad songs sell?

The solution: the Latino radio channel. Aye aye aye! Spanish radio is so upbeat. Salsa, merengue. The stuff makes me jiggle in my seat. I wish I could understand the lyrics better. It would be funny if they were actually singing about how unhappy they are!

Anyhow, I found a beautiful song about Recovery: Selena Gomez singing “The Heart Wants What It Wants”.

Now that I think about it again, I guess the song isn’t about the Recovery as much as the Sickness. No wonder it moves me to tears.