I have had a really good week. Good in the sense that I got shit done. I went to Urgent Care as soon as my health insurance was activated. I got in as soon as they unlocked the doors on the first day. Some muckity-muck super-famous doctor who has his own radio show just happened to be in the clinic that morning. He saw my impressive shingles rash (’cause I never do anything second best; gotta be that overachiever…), and he gave me 10 days of some mega anti-viral drug. It helped with the nerve pain straight away and then the (more…)

The 90 Days.

In the USA, when a person changes jobs, they end up being unable to see a doctor for 90 days. Sure, there’s COBRA, but I never once met a person who was able to afford it. I changed jobs and my insurance FINALLY begins in 3 days. Woo hoo. I’ve been sick for almost 2 months. Beside the depression, I’ve had a goiter (thyroid). I’m so tired all the time. I sleep really well, but it doesn’t last. Well, bad news on bad news… my brother is losing his job in 90 days because his company got sold. His depression, anxiety, (more…)