Month: February 2016


I made a commitment that 2016 would be The Year of Medical Healthcare – or something like that. I vowed to see the doctor, to get some old OLD issues treated, and to start a relationship with a mental health professional. To that end, I have been spending a good 25% of my paychecks on Read More


I think it’s probably bad manners to write a post about being depressed or angry or unhappy; and then just disappear for a month. When last I wrote, my brother had gone to Florida to visit my parents and I (having not been invited) was left alone in Illinois with the cats. I thought some quiet Read More

Just Me and the Cats.

My brother has gone to Fort Lauderdale for the week and I am alone in the house with the cats. He has been gone less than one day and I am so lonely. I feel sad and a little freaked out to be alone in the quiet house. I realized I don’t have anyone in my Read More

Recovery: Going to the Gyno.

I was very brave today and went to the gynecologist. Most women hate the gynecologist. Some stranger puts their forearm into your vagina and pinches very sensitive skin. It’s awful, but necessary. As for me, I have had abnormal pap smears all of my adult life and one time I even needed a biopsy. I can’t afford Read More

Recovery: Clinging to Tension.

I watched another sappy movie this morning, a new one this time, the black African-American version of “Annie”. It was really good. It had me with tears streaming down my face – and that’s what I needed. I tend to hold tension in my body. I literally cleave it to my cells. Physically, it is Read More

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