Month: January 2016

Trying to make an appointment with a mental health professional.

This USA ObamaCare Affordable Care Act stuff is complicated. Did you know that if I did not have medical insurance thru my employer, then I would get fined 700 dollars? I would get fined, not my employer! Many, many employers were given amnesty by the government. They do not have to affect profits by giving Read More

Journal. 24 Jan 2016.

I sold ten thousand dollars of refrigerators today. That’s a lot of ice. -yet I did not make my personal sales goal! I couldn’t get upsells. Also, work is usually fun. I enjoy meeting the customers and helping them to get financing, but they were cranky jackasses today. I mean, who spends $2000 on a stove Read More

Call 911 !

2016 is supposed to be… The Year of Health Insurance (echo, echo, echo). I have High-Deductible-Minimal-Coverage medical insurance via the Evil Corporation where I work… and I have a paycheck, so my… let’s say “plan” is to take better care of myself: get my teeth cleaned, have my eyes checked, go to the General Practitioner, Read More

I’m still here.

I still have my job. (yea) I still have my cat. (purr purr) I still have my brother. (okay, clearly this list is in no particular order because he should’ve been first.) I still have my disturbing memories. (ssss) I’ve been depressed lately because of the lack of sunlight. It’s “on my list” to find a Read More

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