Month: December 2015

“Are twin flames really just empaths and narcissists?”

Now that’s an interesting question… My answer is: no and the proof is in the seduction. The narcissist seeks out empaths, kind-hearted individuals who are sensitive to other people’s emotional pain. The empaths have great difficulty separating their own feelings from the strong impressions created within them by other people’s feelings. The empaths must necessarily Read More

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“Manipulative Love Letters”, excerpt #5. The Other Woman.

Rebekah             I’m sorry I should have been more specific this afternoon when we sorta talked. I can’t or couldn’t (depending on when you read this) see you tonight because I was afraid to! As I said for the past five nights in a row you have treated me like poison for 5 different reasons. Read More

Wallowing. 07 Dec 2015.

wallow: to roll about in deep mud or water Another day spent in my pajamas… I’m too lazy freaked out to write today, so here’s a link to somebody else’s blog. Enjoy.  interesting blog Shout-Out to: who doesn’t seem to be blogging anymore. When we disappear from the blogosphere, does it mean we “got Read More

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