Table of Contents. July 2015.

Date Title Category
1-Jul-2015 Oh God, I had nightmares about homelessness again. G
1-Jul-2015 Remembering the Narcissist and the Mania. G N
2-Jul-2015 New Study Linking Alcoholism to Eye Color. RD
2-Jul-2015 Gratitude Quote. 02July2015. RC RF
3-Jul-2015 Re: SexyBeast. E
6-Jul-2015 Claustrophobia: my new loft bed is just like sleeping in a coffin. RC RF
8-Jul-2015 Why I Blog About the Narcissist. N RC
13-Jul-2015 Journal. 13July2015. Coping With Funk. RC
14-Jul-2015 Allergies are compounding the anxiety and the depression. RC
18-Jul-2015 Today’s Manipulative Love Letter from Ex-Boyfriend. N RC
21-Jul-2015 Quick news. 21July2015. BB
22-Jul-2015 When it’s good, it’s so good. RC
27-Jul-2015 Funny Story: Mojitos at the Auction. RD
31-Jul-2015 Hate Crime at Jerusalem’s Gay Pride Parade. 30 July 2015. Y




Recovery: 7/14 = 50% of all posts. (July of last year, posts were mainly about: Anger and Grief, plus some about David.)

Narcissism 20%, Grief less than 20%.

Drafts I didn’t publish: at least 10 more posts.


I wish I knew more about Recovery so that I could share it with my readers. I have been going on job interviews so I can earn more money; and I have a plan to start therapy. I know I’ve written that before but, honey, it’s all about money. People who can afford therapy can get it. The rest of us cannot. (USA)

As for the drafts I didn’t finish, I was depressed, overwhelmed, and lacking self-confidence. That’s not like me and not good. Mid-recovery.