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For 5 weeks, I have been freaking out because my old blog got 992 hits while the new site got 639 hits. Added together, that would have been a sizeable month for me… but, NOOooo… I could not figure out how to get my traffic to move to the new WordPress.org site I chatted with several Happiness Engineers. I read the support forums on migration. I uploaded plugins that were supposed to help. And all the while, the old site was still getting more traffic than the new site. I was competing with myself. -(and probably doing something bad with my (more…)

This is why we go back to our abusers: they promise to change & gush romance and love.

02 Nov 1987. Rebekah, Please try and understand why I can’t give up. My hope is all I have to keep me going. Your my life, I’ve never loved anything so much ever. Losing you, is and eventually will kill me. How I could have treated you so bad while loving you so much? I don’t know! But thinking back about it is making me sicker and sicker. I have so many problems, but when I hold you everything seems ok for a while. Holding you and thinking about you gives me the strength to make it through another day. Rick (more…)

I am bummed.

I don’t feel good. I know that’s vague, but I’m not exactly sure what the problem is. Maybe I’m not getting enough sunshine? I have tasks I need to complete – like submitting my resume to a job that just opened in the next town. That is a time-sensitive responsibility and a great opportunity. Aach, I can’t do it! I’m not enjoying my work, either. I actually took a Xanax last night! Is this what depression is? I don’t feel particularly sad. I just don’t want to get out of bed. Forever. I need someone to deliver me Chinese food and a (more…)

A Simple Way to KNOW if Your Man is Cheating.

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Manipulative Love Letters.

This image has no author info, but I just love it! These happen to be from an alcoholic drug addict, but narcissists and abusers use the same tactics. For example, he projects that I will think he is out with another woman because he was actually out with another woman! However, I had no clue and I wasn’t worried because I trusted him. Next, I got dressed up for a party that we went to together and he got jealous! He tried to make me feel bad for looking too pretty. Manipulative. In the next letter, I am so stupid that (more…)

WP-Naperville Meetup: Marketing Planning 101: Differentiation.

touchpointers.com For me, this meetup focused on making a brand: who is Rivka, what do I do, and why I do it better. Those are the words of the presenter, Ms. Julie Poulos, Vice-President of redcaffeine.com Step one: Set Goals. As bloggers, our goals are typically two-fold. Increase Followers. Make money. Step two: Once you have personal goals for your blog, examine what your competition is doing. Remember, this presentation was about becoming a BRAND and then selling it. You need to know if your blog is exactly the same as 500 others. Don’t be afraid. I assure you that it (more…)

Faith In Love & Rejecting the New Guy.

I went on my first date in ages (post: First Date ), and it was far more enjoyable than I expected. That’s the good news. The bad news is that I didn’t feel carried away by passion. I broke up with a decent human being because I didn’t feel “love at first sight”. I have not decided if that makes me crazy or not. First, let’s discuss the Jewish part of this dilemma and then the wounded spirit part. The Jewish Part: I believe in the kiddusha of the zivug. Translation: I believe that God-our-Creator creates a soul and then divides it into two (more…)