Day: January 28, 2015

Food: A Child Abuse Story.

I’ve been planning for three months to write this post, but remembering the incidents is a trigger for me. It usually causes me to get overly anxious and then I take a Xanax; but I haven’t eaten any Xanax in about 40 days, so I don’t want to need one now. I could simply avoid Read More

31 times more likely to be molested.

When children are in a home where there is a non-biological male in the home (i.e. mom’s boyfriend or step-father), those children are 31 times more likely to be molested. -Source: Dr. Phil McGraw Read More

Memories of Israel: Moni.

In Israel, every employer is required by law to provide transportation to and from work for all of their employees. The larger factories send a bus around town to pick up every employee for every shift. A smaller business will pay for a monthly pass for the public bus system, which was better because then Read More

Child Abuse Survivor Challenge: Day 3.

What is a weakness or struggle that you want to work on that you developed from child abuse, and how has it already improved compared to what it was? This post discusses sex. Please do not read it if you are under age 18. (Disclaimer: Nothing I wrote here reflects Torah values. Maybe I’ll explain Read More

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