Day: January 12, 2015

Reblog: Should You Divorce? 12 Questions to Consider.

Reference Material. Article discusses divorce and communication between non-NPD people. If you are dealing with a real narcissist, it’s best to admit that they will never get well and save yourself. Run, run, run. However, if pigs fly out of my butt, and I someday get involved in a healthy relationship, I would do well Read More

My A List of Girly Movies to Fight Depression.

As I was experiencing a round of grief last night and couldn’t sleep, I turned for comfort to YouTube and my list of movies that make me feel safe. I realized that all of the movies have essentially the same plot and characters. Protagonist has an evil advisor and has been bred to be a villain. Read More

Vrroom! Anger-Grief bites again.

I couldn’t fall asleep last nite, and then I got out of bed at 11:01am – when I was supposed to start my work shift at 11:00. Whoops. And there’s my father. Damn it. It’s a Sunday and he didn’t work today. I splashed water all over my hair because I didn’t have time for Read More

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