Month: January 2015

Today’s Motivation

This is how I felt after divorcing a narcissist and seeing him steal most of my belongings. When dealing with a narcissist, sometimes you just gotta cut your losses and get out. Read More


Please follow my blog on Bloglovin via the new click-me button here >>>>>>> . I just discovered (although it was invented in Sweden in 2007). Bloglovin allows me to keep all the blogs I love in one place, whether they are hosted on WordPress or BlogSpot or someplace else. But, more importantly, it doesn’t Read More

There it is, baby… 9,999 hits. Thank you all (:

Read More

Reblog: What is a Mood Disorder? – by Danielle Broomfield.

Clever illustration of eight different types of mood disorders. Read More

The Narcissist’s Bible.

I have written at least 100 posts about many scary things the narcissist did; but I haven’t written about the scariest until today. The final few weeks that we were together, he had a new project that he was so excited about. He said it was one of the most useful and truthful things he Read More

Food: A Child Abuse Story.

I’ve been planning for three months to write this post, but remembering the incidents is a trigger for me. It usually causes me to get overly anxious and then I take a Xanax; but I haven’t eaten any Xanax in about 40 days, so I don’t want to need one now. I could simply avoid Read More

31 times more likely to be molested.

When children are in a home where there is a non-biological male in the home (i.e. mom’s boyfriend or step-father), those children are 31 times more likely to be molested. -Source: Dr. Phil McGraw Read More

Memories of Israel: Moni.

In Israel, every employer is required by law to provide transportation to and from work for all of their employees. The larger factories send a bus around town to pick up every employee for every shift. A smaller business will pay for a monthly pass for the public bus system, which was better because then Read More

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