Finding My Happy Place at Work.



Today I was in the fitting room where the job is to count the number of garments a person takes into the fitting room cubicles and make sure that they come out with that same number of clothing items. Garments that people do not want, I straighten and tag with a sizer. In the first hour, I handled two blouses and one pair of pants.

Someone left me a ballpoint pen and a roll of papertowels. Being a lover of mathematics, I worked out via long division, that I was getting paid $2.89 per garment. If it were consistent, that would probably translate to $80,000 a year. Haha

Unfortunately, my gross salary for the day was going to be $43.78. Well, that’s depressing.

I wondered how much it would be in New Israeli Shekels. It came out to about 166 shekels.

What can I buy with 166 shekels in Tzfat, Israel (my home)?

  • A bag of kitty litter and a large bag of catfood.
  • FIVE yummy schwarmas.
  • Probably two weeks’ worth of groceries.
  • Five summery skirts from the shuk.
  • Only one bottle of Arak at 86 shekels per bottle.

I cannot tell you how happy I was at that moment (:

Funny thing the way living in poverty in Israel has had a positive effect on me. Before I went overseas, I used to loathe being trapped at work. Even when I was making $18-$21 per hour, I believed that my time was more valuable than what I was being paid and I was always trying to finagle my way to leave work early. I hated the feeling of being trapped at the office when there was no work to do. Of course, being a funeral director, I could have gotten a death call at any moment but I still wanted to be free to leave. I was ambitious and driven and I liked to keep busy. Well, I don’t feel that way anymore. I am Sephardi now! American life is too fast. Always go, go, go. Let other people run around. I want to just be calm and enjoy my quiet moment while it lasts. Plus, I got to write out two entire blog posts on those papertowels while I was standing at the fitting room station. I wrote blogs and I got a salary. Too cool. If only I could get my hands on that bottle of Arak…


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5 thoughts on “Finding My Happy Place at Work.

  1. I can so relate. Our time is worth more than being stuck in an office. I like your solution. I need to start writing blog posts on paper towels–BigLaw can’t track that!

  2. Liking what you doing, personal satisfaction are the most important. While in the US military a “few thousand years ago.” some wise guys figured they were making 19 cents per hour–since we were on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week.