How does narcissist feel about me after the discard?

I feel so sad to receive questions like this.

How does narcissist feel about me after the discard?

The answer is…THREATENED.

  • The thought of you leaves a bad taste in his mouth.
  • He wishes you would move far away and never come back.
  • He worries you might interfere with his new plans, so he begins to spread rumors and lies about you.
  • He wishes you would die.

And if you ask the narcissist, he (or she) will be happy to tell you right to your face how little you mean to him and how much he wants you to drop dead.


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13 thoughts on “How does narcissist feel about me after the discard?

  1. James says:

    I’m not a narcissist (or maybe I am), but it strikes me as irresponsible to claim you know what is going through a narcissist’s head at any point, particularly during a break up where you suffered too. Without being able to see inside a narcissist’s head, you and I can only observe behaviour and try to guess what they might be thinking, not state with certainty.

    • James says:

      You know what, I didn’t think this through before opening my big mouth (metaphorically). Having read lots of your blog and knowing that it’s well-sourced and founded in current science, putting this here was petty and pointless. I don’t want to be argumentative for the sake of it, so please disregard this comment.

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    Powerless – Take away the power from a narcissist, and you take away their control over you. Ignoring a narcissist is one of the most effective ways to take that power away. Do not be afraid of them. They fear you when you show them you are not scared and they can do nothing about it

  3. Fear and lack of control is what a narcissist hates. Yes fear; the narcissist knows that once they lose control of their target they are vulnerable. Narcs hate to lose and making them lose is the best thing

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    Oh my goodness that sounds familiar. My friend has one of these nuts not only does she lie about her she does about all her close friends. Really scary people.