Month: December 2014

Reblog: Calling All Survivors of Child Abuse to Help Others.

My comment: Building self-esteem through making craft projects: macramé, felt, coloring books, stained glass, beads, jewelry making, plastic canvas, pompom animals, cardboard houses, paper dolls, sewing… arts and crafts. Read More

True Recovery is Possible.

After the narcissist’s discard, when he left me all alone and so broken, I cried out: I am not going to survive this pain. I am never going to get past my grief. I am going to grieve for the rest of my life. I am going to be sad forever. I am never going Read More

Show-and-Tell Art Project. 28 Dec 2014. Door.

temporary link: Transcription: Shalom uvrachot. Today is the 28th of December 2014 and I’m doing Show-and-Tell with my art project. So on November 22nd, I had a really beautiful dream and it was very Lewis Carroll. I came upon a door that was slightly open, and I pushed the door open, and went in to Read More

A Torah explanation for one difference between men and women.

According to Bereshit (Book of Genesis), a man has an emotional need for validation that is different from a woman’s emotional need for validation. According to Bereshit, God took some dirt (adamah), pushed it into the shape of a male human, breathed into it, and the male was brought to life. First there was dirt, Read More

Breath of Fire.

In high school, I used to get terrible anxiety when it was time to go to gym class (phys ed). There were two reasons for this: 1) I was two years younger than my classmates and 2) I was clumsy and especially inept at sports. I read about a breathing exercise to decrease anxiety and Read More

ESP & Impulse Control.

Recently, I started showing signs of diabetes. Namely: Excessive peeing (i.e. needing to go once an hour, every hour) Excessive thirst Blurred vision I have been pre-diabetic for over 30 years and have had bouts of being insulin-resistant, so it is always a legitimate concern for me to watch my blood glucose levels. However, this Read More

The Star Spangled Blind Date

An ode to Red Flags from one of my favorite blogs. Enjoy. Read More

Spreading Holiday Cheer.

I wish that I had time to write about my first December of working retail during the Xmas season, but I am too busy. I leave you with one short story (: I was ringing up a customer at the register, and I said “Happy holidays.” She went off on me! oh… my… GAWD. DO NOT Read More

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