The Hamster Wheel.

image by I did what I was supposed to do. I got a full-time job. I don’t want to name names because I am embarrassed by my family and their issues, but you may recall that certain relatives gave me the message that I had no value as a human being because I didn’t have a job. So I got a job to placate them. I took the first available work, holiday help at a retail store. Pay: minimum wage, $7.25 an hour. I am now doing what probably¬†millions of Americans are doing: The Hamster Wheel. I plan my life (more…)

Thanksgiving Day 2014.

Happy Turkey Day, bloggers! Today my mom and I are going to have lunch at the nursing home where my step-father is recuperating from knee replacement surgery. Nursing home. With old people. I think it’s really hilarious. I asked my dad if I get my own Kraftmatic Adjustible Bed. I pictured the three of us eating our hospital lunch in our reclining beds and talking about the good old days. He did not think it was funny. Yesterday I had a hearty laugh at my mom’s expense when I told her to take a good look around because she would be (more…)

Victims of Online Harrassment Describe Their Experiences. Pew Survey. Sept 2014.

Source: Victims of Online Harassment Describe Their Experiences: 40% of internet users have personally experienced some form of online harassment, from garden-variety name-calling to more serious examples like sexual harassment and stalking. Respondents who have personally experienced online harassment were asked to elaborate about their most recent incident in their own words. A selection of their quotes is featured below. Read more about online harassment in the full report. The overall top result of the survey is: The most people were bullied online by a stranger (38%) on their social networking site (66%) via insults and purposeful embarrassment (49%). Yet, (more…)

A Successful No Contact Story.

I remember that Hannah used to be a confidante for me. I especially went to her if I had trouble with dating. She was in her late 60’s and had a wealth of life experiences. I loved listening to her outrageous stories of growing up in New Orleans during the 1960’s. She had had sexual encounters with several famous rockstars and had sampled every kind of drug. I often told her that she should publish her randy memoirs. In the summer, we used to have lunch in her garden and drink red wine. Curious neighbors would come over to see what (more…)

No Contact. Narcissist Is Like a Bonfire.

It seems to me that a narcissist is like a bonfire. I am attracted to the light of the flames because they are colorful, energetic, and reaching for something. The warmth of the fire is comforting, protecting me from the cold night air, and the smell‚Ķ the smell of campfire is the best smell in the whole world. It reminds me of good times and of being in nature. Time and daily pressures seem to stop when I sit by the fire. All is right in the world. But if I get too close, the bonfire will hurt me; and if (more…)

Protected: He’s dying and I won’t pray for him.

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Coping Mechanisms for Dealing With Negative Relatives – by Dr. Janet Taylor.

“I walk on eggshells around my sister-in-law. She’s extremely competitive, holds grudges, and always remembers situations differently from what happened – in a negative way.” . What you’re failing to recognize is that you do not have to take responsibility for your sister-in-law’s feelings, but you do have to take charge of your own. Release the burden of maintaining goodwill and quit engaging in games with her rules. First, think Teflon. Let her comments roll off you when you get heated up. Next, when she makes a statement that you take exception to, try this: “Wow, that’s not how I remember (more…)