Day: September 16, 2014

NFL Domestic Violence Protest. Excerpt: Protesters …regarding domestic abuse scandal(s) [that are covered up by the American National Football League] have seized upon a digitally altered Cover Girl ad picturing a female football fan with a black eye to bring a striking visual to their mission. Cover Girl, the official beauty sponsor of the NFL, has a “Get Read More

Driftwood’s Nickname.

I started calling my ex-husband-narcissist-tormentor by the nickname Driftwood fifteen years ago, before we even got married. My best friend at the time gave him that nickname because “He is as boring as a piece of Driftwood”. Driftwood does this thing that his mommy refers to as “nattering”. She gave it a cutesy name as Read More

My Court Anxiety Triggers Memories of My Domestic Abuse.

Disclaimer: Angry, ANGRY post about my abusive ex-marriage. Could be triggering. Court is fast approaching and I am both anxious and excited. This could be a whole new era of freedom for me – but first I have to muddle through a huge pile of shit. I still own a house with Driftwood (a shitty Read More

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