Month: September 2014

Still Having Dreams About Homelessness.

I am still dreaming about homelessness, possessions, and theft. This time I was in a large department store like Macy’s. It was bright and had large windows looking out onto the street where pedestrians were strolling by, dressed 1950’s style – men in brown suits with hats and women in dresses with fitted bodices and Read More

I Really Miss David.

I really miss David. He is the one friend, no, the best friend, no the dearest friend who would make me feel so confident 48 hours before I face Driftwood in court. 40 second recap: My ex-husband, Driftwood (narcissist), is required by law to buy me out of our former marital home. I offered a very reasonable Read More

Reblog: Poem: Booked

More awesome poetry from Feed-the-feesh. Read More

Tony Stark Should Make Batman His Dog-Walker.

This is a letter to David – an actual letter to David – and not a blog post.  With the whole “No Contact with a Narcissist Rule”, I have to maintain boundaries and try not to poke the sleeping dragons. Dear David, I just watched “Iron Man 3”. Now he’s a superhero to admire. “The Read More

I survived the weekend.

Last post, I was having a little freakout. My ex-husband phoned me and rattled my chains. I was feeling despair (see post about despair: Ayn Yeush BaOlam) that I would never be able to get free of him, no matter how far away I ran. I confessed that I wanted to die (or more specifically, Read More

Whirlpool. Suing a Narcissist.

Driftwood phoned me two nights ago (because his attorney told him to) and we talked for 67 minutes. The result of contact with the narcissist was to spit me into depression. I decided to cope with my feelings of helplessness and doom by drinking beer and eating brownies until I fell asleep. I also took Read More

Reblog: Poem: “Let it go…” – by Penelope Dreamweaver

Poem by Penelope Dreamweaver. Read More

NFL Domestic Violence Protest. Excerpt: Protesters …regarding domestic abuse scandal(s) [that are covered up by the American National Football League] have seized upon a digitally altered Cover Girl ad picturing a female football fan with a black eye to bring a striking visual to their mission. Cover Girl, the official beauty sponsor of the NFL, has a “Get Read More

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