Month: August 2014

Reblog: You are not to be the Editorial Assistant to the Narcissist

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Silly Stuff: Reasons the 80’s Were Awesome.

1. Cyndi Lauper: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. 1983. 2. Spuds McKenzie. 1987. 3. Lace Fingerless Gloves. 1983. 4. Fuschia clothes. 1986. 5. Trivial Pursuit game. 1984. 6. John Hughes’ film: The Breakfast Club. 1985. Read More

“Why Have Goals?” – by

Goals strengthen your character by promoting a long-term outlook. Goals allow you to lead your life instead of reacting to it. Goals provide internal and consistent motivation. Goals help you stay focused on what is most important to you. Goals improve your ability to make decisions. Goals require and build self-confidence. Goals help you plan Read More

Self-Esteem Exercises.

Source: Attitudes & Attire, Dallas, Texas, USA. Self-esteem is the internal experience of one’s own worthiness and value as a person. It comes from inside a person and moves outward into relationships. People with positive self-esteem know they are valuable and worthy even when they make a mistake, are confronted by an angry person, Read More

Wandering Jew.

Like everyone in Florida after the recent real estate crash, my parents are renting a house in one city and renting out both of their own fully-paid-for houses in two other cities. Between their rent and my sister’s rent, and the income, they achieve a wash. The market is beginning to change in some areas Read More

Post #199. Laughing at my pain.

When I began this blog on Rosh Chodesh Nissan (01 April 2014), I had a visual plan in my mind’s eye of writing 200 journal entries as I recorded my pain and chronicled my recovery from the narcissist’s abuse. I expected that 200 posts would be the amount of journaling that I would need in Read More

Reblog: Poem, Callused Hands – by marvelingsoul.

This is a beautiful poem by marvelingsoul. Please go back to the original and hit like! Regarding my relationship with a narcissist, I often write that I took on so many burdens because I could… but then… Read More

What Does Safety Smell Like?

I have been blogging about grief for weeks because I don’t feel heard. I want David to understand how much he hurt me when he left me in Israel. I literally went crazy. I stopped sleeping. I spent every Shabbat sobbing. I think the only reason I avoided being institutionalized just then was because he Read More

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