Month: July 2014

Please Make This Dog Go Viral.

AAAARGH! I have been trying to create a meme with my dad’s dog, Winston. (Say What Dog) I think he is cute enuf to go viral. (Photo by me, of course.) Can anyone help? Read More

Narcissism Quiz Time.

How many Narcissistic Behaviors can you identify in this seemingly inane conversation between my ex-husband and myself? Hint: it’s bigger than a breadbox. Narcissist: Hi. I haven’t spoken to you in three calendar years because when you left your telephone number on my answering machine, you didn’t speak clearly. Then you sent me some postcards, Read More

Flag Stats. 31July2014.

I have no idea how to take a screen shot, but I was really happy to see the country flags today on My Stats. How fun it is to be international! hehe. Please forgive this masturbation here. (blush) No posts viewed.   Country Views Canada 4 South Africa 2 United Kingdom 2 Czech Republic 1 Read More

Reblog: 15 Signs You Are Being Gaslighted.

This post describes ways in which the narcissist’s psychological abuse builds over time. One slight comment alone is odd, but the accumulation of small pokes combine and build to become an abusive cage. It’s a good read. Read More

Protecting Family.

I’m thinking about going public with my blog. No. I’m preparing to go public. This would mean that my employers could read graphic journals of me talking about suicide and even see photographs of my scars. The hundreds of clergy/priests/rabbis who I worked with could read about my sexual obsessions and my romantic failures. I Read More

Reblog: Complex PTSD is an isolating, severe, exhausting disorder.

Excerpt (Copyright to Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD): It [CPTSD] ruins friendships, because people expect normal reactions, from someone with a severe psychiatric illness and when it becomes too difficult, they abandon you, even if they caused the problems. Non PTSD people, have no idea the impact they cause when they hurt someone with Read More

You Know You’re In Trouble When…

Driftwood and I went to marriage counselling for a long time, twice a month for a year and a half. Early on, he declared that our counselor was a fraud and “on my side” because she was a woman. I offered to change counselors, but he just wanted to complain, so we continued to see Read More

Introducing Driftwood.

One of the reasons that I write is to dissect my puzzling past with the narcissist and then to rearrange the parts in a way that creates clarity for me. In a nutshell, I am trying to figure out what happened. As I examined the crap pile that has been my Lovelife, I got slapped Read More

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