Day: June 19, 2014

Table of Contents. April 2014 & May 2014.

All Posts, April 2014: 1 Lttrs2David. 01Apr2014. Rosh Chodesh Nissan. 2 How We Met 3 Stevie Wonder 4 Holding Hands 5 Hot Tea 6 Shabbat Salads 7 Rebbe Nachman Song 8 Naughty Kitties. 9 A Perfect Kiss. 10 Bircat HaMazon 11 Tsunami of Love 12 Ziv Hospital 13 The Parve Knife 14 The PTSD Episode Read More

Grief & Narcissistic Abuse.

I never knew it could hurt so much. I never knew so many strong feelings would churn inside me. I’m overwhelmed. I’m confused. I’m angry. I’m lonely. I’m hurting. Part of my heart has been ripped away. How will I survive this? How long will it hurt, God? How long will it hurt? Kenneth C. Read More

Reblog: Fair Fighting Rules (for PTSD).

Imo, this post has several brilliant ways to improve a relationship. (For me, I need to learn to listen instead of trying to solve.) “Point Taken” could change everything for me. I appreciate it when real couples share their real solutions that actually worked for them. I also enjoy the “make-up box” full of good Read More

An Angry Rant.

I just noticed something ironic about this blog. “Narcissism, Grief, Recovery, Yiddishkeit.” NGRY. I named my blog Angry! That’s too funny. Am I not allowed to have anything hidden? I am angry at David, my narcissist. I am angry at my parents who are negligent. I am angry at my sister for being four times Read More

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