Day: May 14, 2014

A Timeless Lesson :)

There once came a poor Chasid to the famous and distinguished Rabbi Dovid’l Talner, complaining about his ill state of affairs, saying: “O, Rabbi, pray for me; I have a wife and ten children, and only one room to dwell in; it is unbearable!” “Have you a goat?” inquired the Rabbi, gravely. “Yes,” answered the Read More

Chasidic Stories.

Heart and Head. Rabbi Chaim Halberstam of Sandz occasionally journeyed to pay his respects to the Chasidic Zaddik, Rabbi Israel of Ruzin, who was a mighty man of prayer, though by no means the equal of Rabbi Halberstam in scholarship. Once when Rabbi Halberstam was on the way to Sadagora, where the great Zaddik lived, Read More

Narcissists follow a Pattern.

In 1987, I started dating this man who was very complex. On the one hand, he was a party-hard frat boy; but on the other hand, he was a sensitive man who wasn’t afraid to show his emotions. One time, he even cried tears in front of me. Yes, he had extreme mood swings – Read More

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