Day: May 9, 2014

I sabotaged myself again. I have been waiting 2 weeks for the job fair. I sat with an HR specialist to refresh my resume and interview skills. I went to the public library and used the computers to make myself a new resume. I went to the copy center to print copies of that resume. Read More

How I Got to Texas, part 1 of x

My final day in Toronto was less chilly. I paid a taxi $12 to take the last load of belongings to storage. I salvaged my laundry basket I bought at Wal-Mart, my hobie cart I bought at a Chinese convenience mart downtown, my sweaters from Urban Planet, my dvd’s that I had watched 200 times Read More

What Happens When I Eat Traife.

As promised (or threatened) in ‘Mystery Meat’: this is what happens to me when I eat traife (food that is not kosher): 1. Foul Mood. I get crabby and cranky, AND I share that nastiness with any poor soul who is unfortunate enough to be near me. 2. Projectile Diarrhea. (too graphic?) 3. Stomach Read More

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