Day: April 18, 2014

Betrayal, part 3 of 3.

In ten words or less, David had eaten 64 Valiums and survived. This was the third suicide. I forgot to write about the first one where he tried to freeze to death in the woods, and then it was the hunting knife, and then the Valiums. It feels terrible to want your pain to end Read More

End Gender Persecution Against Women by 01 Jan 2015.

The following letter is a call-to-action written by my friend, Steve Beckow, asking each individual citizen of the world to: -declare that all violence against women must stop -set a personal deadline that it will happen by 01 Jan 2015 -change your thinking through visualization and self-talk -support this effort in any way that speaks Read More

My Misplaced Guilt.

I have been reading other people’s blogs about abuse, PTSD, and dating; and I feel guilty. Other people have stories that are so much worse than mine. Sure, David broke my heart. He targeted me and then crushed me spiritually and emotionally in a Narcissistic Devalue & Discard – but he didn’t take my children Read More

Reblog: Hope.

An insightful post that encourages me to just keep going. Read More

Reblog: I don’t know what normal is.

A nicely written post showing what daily life (or should I say ‘daily stress’) is like when you love a Narcissist. Read More

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